Monday, December 26, 2005

Praying the Rosary Daily

I prayed the Rosary twice daily when I worked in Clark County. It took me 22 minutes to drive to work - from doorstep to doorstep. My radio didn't work, so I got into the habit of praying the Rosary. But I know I was doing it all wrong.

Since I was driving, I couldn't read my card to pray/meditate on each mystery at the end of each decade. I kinda put my own intentions in where the mysteries went. I said all the OF, HM, GB, Fatima, and HHQ in the right order. My goal for the new year is to walk each morning for 30 minutes and say the Rosary then - with the correct mysteries.

I found this site and liked it so well, I have put a permanent link to the left, under the KoC link. It answers any question you have about the "Crown of Roses". It has a rosary program, so you can say it on the computer, or keep up with the prayers.

Also, if you do not have a rosary, or know of someone who needs one, look here, here, here, here, or here for free ones.

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Arthur said...

Nice resolution, for me actually one of the most relaxing and beneficial ways of praying the rosary is while walking. It helps to think of the Fifteen Promises of the Virgin Mary to those who say the Rosary - keeps me motivated to continue and recite this prayer daily.