Friday, December 23, 2005

What is my role?

I think that being unsure of what my role is in the Church has led me to a greater desire to find that out. Once upon a time I thought I may become a priest. That thought now, of couse is absurd. With a wife and a family and another job, I think my ministry lies elsewhere - as a parent.

In the reflection of today's reading, it mentions:

Though ordained priests are called to purification and greatness before Christmas, religious and lay Christians, including parents, are not off the hook. Parents share a baptismal priesthood (Catechism, 1546; 1 Pt 2:5, 9) and are in that sense "priests" of their domestic church, their home (see Catechism, 1666). God is purifying all baptized Christians. All are called to submit to God's purification and open their mouths to proclaim God's praise (Ps 51:17).

So Kathy and I are priests in our "domestic church". We have both been more vocal and confident in our own faith within the last year. It will be exciting for she and I grow and minister to our children in 2006!

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jws said...

we all are called to be MINISTERS, LEADERS and is our baptismal promise that our parents and god parents made for us.

we should exercise these great gifts, not just at our home...but in our lives.