Monday, January 30, 2006

Catholic Schools Week

As a product and ardent supporter of Catholic Schools, please join me in celebrating Catholic Schools Week this week. From the National Catholic Education Association's webpage, I am sharing their fact sheet on what CSW is all about:

Fact Sheet - Catholic Schools Week - NCEA


  • What is Catholic Schools Week?
  • Catholic Schools Week is an annual national celebration of the important role that Catholic elementary and secondary schools across the country play in providing a values-added education for America's young people. Catholic schools are proud of their educational network that emphasizes intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical and social values in their students. Catholic Schools Week is a key part of the yearlong National Marketing Campaign For Catholic Schools.

  • When is Catholic Schools Week 2006?
  • Catholic Schools Week begins the last Sunday in January. In 2006 it will be observed January 29 through February 4.

  • What is the theme of CSW?
  • The theme of the 2006 Catholic Schools Week is: "Catholic Schools: Character. Compassion. Values."

  • What does Catholic Schools Week celebrate?
  • Catholic Schools Week celebrates education that goes beyond preparation for a secular life; it is an education that prepares students for a Christian life. CSW also celebrates the high standards of excellence and the quality of the education available to all students in Catholic elementary and secondary schools across the U.S.

  • What is the purpose of the Catholic Schools Week celebration?
  • The purpose of Catholic Schools Week is to build community awareness of, and involvement in, Catholic schools throughout the country. During this week, many dioceses and schools encourage parents to take full advantage of the benefits of local Catholic schools by enrolling their children in those schools. CSW is also an occasion for schools to interest citizens in volunteering their time and talents to the local Catholic schools.

  • Who sponsors Catholic Schools Week?
  • Catholic Schools Week is a joint project of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Individual dioceses and local Catholic elementary and secondary schools develop and promote their own CSW activities each year.

  • How long has Catholic Schools Week been around?
  • The Catholic Schools Week celebration became an annual event in 1974. The first national Catholic Schools Week slogan was "Different Where It Counts--Message, Community, Service."

  • Where is Catholic Schools Week celebrated?
  • CSW is celebrated in communities across the U.S. that have Catholic elementary and secondary schools. State governors, big city mayors and small town councils have joined in to proclaim "Catholic Schools Week" in their localities year after year.

  • When is National Appreciation Day For Catholic Schools observed?
  • National Appreciation Day falls on the Wednesday of Catholic Schools Week (February 1, 2006). This event was founded in 1990 to encourage Catholic school supporters nationwide to showcase the great accomplishments and contributions of Catholic schools to our country. On this day in particular, advocates are urged to wear a button showing their support.

  • When is National Appreciation Day For Catholic School Teachers observed?
  • This day in honor of the 160,153 Catholic school teachers nationwide is scheduled on Friday of Catholic Schools Week (February 3).

  • What other audiences are saluted during Catholic Schools Week
  • Often schools will celebrate the parish family on Sunday (January 29); the community on Monday (January 30); students on Tuesday (January 31); vocations on Thursday (February 2; and faculty, staff and volunteers on Friday (February 3). Schools often set aside time during the week to honor grandparents.

  • When did the National Marketing Campaign For Catholic Schools begin?
  • In 1991-92, NCEA and USCCB established a national marketing campaign, designed to promote Catholic schools year-round. Thus a theme and logo advancing Catholic education is used daily, not only during Catholic Schools Week.

    For more information contact: Barbara Keebler or Brian Gray 202.337.6232.


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