Thursday, January 26, 2006

Coming Out of the Clogset

Saw a news report on the NSA recently and realized something. Anyone who wants to know who I am and where I live and who my family is can easily to that no matter how anonymous I want to be. When I began blogging, I used a pseudonym, and was very vague. This blog, however, I decided to lay it all out there. Since I have done that, and have met some very nice people, I am opening the rest of my life for your browsing pleasure. I have deleted some posts from these blogs, but will begin posting to them regularly as I have the time. Like I have any time to do that now.

Heads up: These blogs are rough! Most, if all, need reformatting and lots of TLC. So check back often. I'll eventually put links up in the left column.

So, here they are in ABC order:
3 Good Things A Day - Quick daily (yeah, right) posts of a favorite dinner table activity my family has. Focusing on the positive.
Dachano's Phone - This blog I use to post pictures I take with my phone. I created it just because I though it was really cool to be able to do that.
gadgets & gizmos - My newest blog highlighting the cool stuff out there that I'd love to get, but never will.
Norton's News, Notes 'N' Nonsense - This blog is where I have posted general thoughts and ideas. My first blog.
norton verse - My lame attempts at poetry. Actually I haven't written much lately, but it was a permanent place I could put them and not lose them.
Parties and Pictures - I created this blog to showcase my family having fun and enjoying life, through pictures.
Principal, Pokes & Ponderings - My attempt at creating a blog illustrating aspects of my professional life.

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