Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I Did Not Know Him

Well, I found out that if I'm to get up at 5:00 am, I need to go to bed before 11:30 pm. I wasn't able to start my day off like yesterday, but I did get some time in to reflect on today's readings and pray the Novena for the Unborn (day 6).

Today's Saint of the Day is the Most Holy Name of Jesus. It is interesting that we would focus on Jesus' name today when we see that in today's Gospel, John says, not once, but twice: "I did not know Him." (Jn 1:31-33). In a very real sense, John's Gospel does not have any indication of the kinship between he and Jesus as we see in Luke's Gospel. But John's entire purpose in life was to prepare Israel for Jesus' coming. So, in another sense, John did know Christ much better, I think, than those who may have actually met Him. Having discovered that the real question for reflection is, "Do any of us really know Jesus?"

I think I was familiar with who Jesus was. I knew His story, or the history of Jesus as any cradle Catholic does. I knew what I needed to do and what was expected of me. I did what I was comfortable doing - and that really didn't include talking about Him or really even saying his name. There, I said it, I was uncomfortable in actually saying "Jesus". But I don't think I really knew Him. In fact, even now, I'm still getting to know Him every day. It's a process, getting to know Jesus. Like with any relationship, knowing of someone and actually knowing them takes effort, time, and proper communication (prayer).

My Lord Jesus: On this day celebrating Your Most Holy Name, I praise Your Name! I continually long to really know You better. I ask You to forgive me for being afraid to say your Name in the past and to give me the strength and perserverance to proclaim Your Name now and in the future. It is in You Name, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

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