Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Year.....

Well, back to work tomorrow. Actually, I was working last week as well, but tomorrow the students and teachers/staff are back. The break was nice - allowed me to create this blog and take on some life-changing challenges. Just a coincidence that it is the beginning of 2006 (right, nothing seems to be a coincidence lately - everything has a purpose). Hopefully I'll be able to continue to blog and pray the way I intend starting tomorrow.

My plan is:

  • Wake up at 5:00

  • Walk on the treadmill (which I haven't used since we bought it in 12 months ago)

  • Say the Rosary while I walk

  • Take shower and get ready for work

  • Read the daily readings and blog (either at home or work)

  • Be ready for work at 7:00 am

We'll see how it plays out tomorrow morning. I do know that yesterday I had time to do a Rosary, continue the Novena for the unborn that Moneybags initiated, and reflect on the Readings, and blog my reflection and had a great day! Today, though, I woke up late (up too late on NY Eve) and didn't have my prayer time this morning. I did do the Novena, and read the Readings, but was not able to reflect or blog that reflection and had an OK day.

Keep me in your prayers, and I will keep you in mine.

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~m2~ said...

~m2~ again -- what a brilliant idea - the treadmill & rosary. that is a good 15 minutes of exercise, right? (if you will ever know anything about me, sweating is not my *thing*) --

great idea. thank you for the inspiration...