Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reflection on Today's Reading

From My Catholic Content:

"A great crowd followed Him from Galilee." (Mark 3:7)
Jesus usually healed people in crowded conditions, such as when the press of the crowd was so great that He had to get into a boat to avoid being pushed into the water (Mk 3:9). The woman with the twelve-year hemorrhage had to fight her way through a pushing and shoving crowd to touch Jesus' garment and be healed (Mk 5:30-31).
Crowd control was also a problem for those who tried to touch the tassel of Jesus' cloak to receive healing (Mk 6:55-56). The men carrying the paralytic couldn't even get close to Jesus because of the crowd (Mk 2:2), but had to make a hole in the roof and lower the man through it.
Healing still takes place in crowded conditions. The crowd for us is not so much outside as inside. Sin, fear, doubt, self-hatred, jealousy, unforgiveness, bitterness, and pride try to crowd out healing. We must fight our way through a crowd of interior obstacles to receive Jesus' healing. Stand out in the crowd. Touch Jesus.

PRAYER: Jesus, may I not let myself be intimidated, blocked, or discouraged, so that I can touch You.
PROMISE: "My wanderings You have counted; my tears are stored in Your flask; are they not recorded in Your book? Then do my enemies turn back, when I call upon You." Ps 56:9-10P
RAISE: Crowded with thoughts of fear, anxiety, and distress, Lisa received a healing at Mass during the "Our Father" when she recited the phrase, "deliver us from evil."

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