Monday, January 9, 2006

The Weekends

This past weekend was difficult. While it was relaxing, spending time with my family and going to Mass, it was a difficult time for praying. I slept in both Saturday and Sunday and didn't have the time alone to pray and reflect on the readings like I had planned.

On Friday I listened to a podcast of Sunday Night: Live with Father Benedict Groschel from the January 1, 2006 broadcast on EWTN and reflected on his discussion of conversion. In fact, it was interesting that Father Sichko touched upon the same topic of conversion in the Homily Saturday afternoon. Both talked about, not necessarily conversion of non-Catholics to Catholocism, but they elaborated on conversion of Catholics within the Church.

I guess that's what I am going through now - a conversion. The enthusiasm I felt over the Christmas Season as waned - a kind of post-Christmas blues, so to speak. I know I need to pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance and fire on a daily basis - it's just so difficult to do with "everyday life" getting in the way.

I was up earlier this morning, able to read today's readings and write this post. I hope to post more today and have some time for reflection....Keep me in your prayers.

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Moneybags said...

I will keep you in my prayers. I love your blog. May the Lord guide you and guard you. To keep that spiritual fervor always pray; it is a necessity like water and air.

The readings, prayers, and EWTN along with Catholics blogs and especially Mass help construct my spiritual life.

And PS: How did you like Fr. Benedict Groschel's program? It's my favorite EWTN program; I think he's great.

God Bless, Darren.