Saturday, February 11, 2006

God Hugging Mary

Kathy pointed out this morning that the recent snowfall (yay!) on our statue of Mary in the backyard looked like "God was hugging" her. Cool, hunh? (This picture was taken through our storm door on maximum zoom. That's why it;s a little fuzzy).


Thomas said...

what a beautiful little photo. thanks for uploading it! :)

Moneybags said...

That's really a nice photo, Darren. It's also snowing up here, so I know how it is.

In Christ,

Patte Gradwell said...

I'm hugging my mother today too. February 14 is the anniversary of her death. Today's Rosary prayers and meditations were for her.

Very pretty photo.

A. said...

I couldn't see it too well. But then all of a sudden I saw that He was hugging her around her shoulders. How cool!