Monday, February 20, 2006

What to give up for Lent

I am already giving up so much prior to Lent because of The Episode, as we are calling it now. No fat, little sugar, no cholesterol, no sodium, no alcohol. Lettuce and water - but not too much of it (its really not that bad).

So instead of giving something up, I think I am going to try and do something extra. Since my recommitment to the Church, which spawned this blog in December, I have been trying to go to daily Mass. I'm averaging about 2 a week plus Sunday. I am reading more Catholic literature, praying more, etc. I'm not sure what more I can do or give up.

I'll be praying about it. Hopefully you will, too.

P.S. - I am going to read "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ" by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich with Moneybags, per his comment, for Lenten penance. Anyone care to join us? Its available online here. I am also going to finally see The Passion of the Christ (I never saw it at the theater, and have not opened the DVD yet).


ND EnviroChick said...


You pose an interesting "problem" about the nature of the Lenten experience and how to best express your commitment to Lent. My suggestion to you would be this: don't focus on quantity, but on quality.

What I mean is this - you are already giving up fat, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, etc. As a result, is your family saving money on food bills and eating out less? Why not donate a portion of the savings to a local food pantry?

You are already attending daily mass twice a week plus the weekend - why not take the opportunity to really focus on the experience, really listen to the liturgical prayers, and see how they apply to your life? Make the experience more enriching, more prayerful, more transformative.

You are reading more and praying more - what have you learned that you can apply to your "vocation" as principal, as father, as pastoral council chair, as husband, as Catholic?

It's not about what more you can do, it's about what more you can gain from the experiences that you already have.

~m2~ said...

I am uncertain what I am doing for Lent this year, but will join in reading "The Dolorous Passoin of Our Lord Jesus Christ" as I have a copy and also intend to watch The Passion of the Christ on dvd since I have that, too (consumerism??). The year it came out in the theaters I went once a week as part of my Lenten experience - sometimes alone.

I walked away changed every time, it is that unbelievable.

Scott W Fischer said...

Got the call from the doctor that he wants me to come in and discuss my lab results (which will happen first thing tomorrow). There was a full suite of blood tests ordered highlighted by LDL/HDL and a stomach bacteria test. This whole set of tests (even including a EBCT - Angio CT scan) wasn't determined to be necessary from anything other than my brother's "event" and my father's health history. I'm sure I'll get the whole healthy eating and get the cholesterol down talk and will be right there with you. I'm not going to consider any of that as something to give up for Lent, but just something I will need to do.

I'm strongly of the opinion that Lent should be both a time to give up something as well as a time to develop a good something. So I've got to figure out what I'm gonna do.

A. said...

By your good example, I am sure your family, colleagues and friends will be encouraged to live a richer, fuller daily walk with Our Lord. Our parish is offering The Stations of the Cross every Wednesday after Mass as well as Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday during Lent. Maybe your parish is also offering these as well. If so, you might consider making them part of your Lenten experience.

Genevieve said...

Here is a phrase that a visiting minister used in prayer in our (Lutheran) church a few years ago: "...offer the sacrifice of worship." There is much to ponder in those simple words. I was reminded of them by ND EnviroChick's suggestions.