Wednesday, March 8, 2006

My Blogging Inspiration

When I first started blogging, I created several blogs to reflect different areas of my life. Norton's News, Notes 'N' Nonsense was the first, a sot of eclectic journal to get me started. I then created Parties and Pictures to highlight pictures of my family celebrating life. Finally I created My Catholic Reflections which has taken most of my blogging time to the neglect of the others. I'll get around to updating them.

Before I even created Norton's News, I read a blog by Bob O. Shep called The BBC:Hillsborough. I read it daily. Much of what he wrote about was on target with how I felt at the time. I took much of what he put in his blog (like 43 Things) and put them in mine. This was before I ever knew about Catholic blogs, or any other blogs for that matter. Most of what I read from others included very negative, profane and self-aborbed ramblings whenever I clicked on Blogger's "Next Blog" button.

Bob's blog is worth a visit. His earlier posts are very witty and it is interesting following this man's life. His recent posts have included the Top 24 Hockey Jerseys and a number of posts on comics.

If any of that interests you, drop on by and leave a comment. Let him know I sent you there. He feels like no one is reading his stuff (and we all know how bad that feels). It's good once in awhile to read what others are writing out there, even if it isn't Catholic themed.

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Moneybags said...

Hi Darren,

I wanted to ask your assistance in a blogging project of mine. I recently created a third blog just for pro-life issues. I am planning to post about each state's pro-life laws such as parental consent, embryonic stem cell research laws, etc.

I have already posted some information on South Carolina and Missouri. Since you are from Kentucky, could you tell me some of your state's pro-life laws if you know them?

thank you

Here's the blog url: