Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Music That Matters: The Answer to the Question

I haven't posted a Song of the Day for the Week lately, so I am going to be posting several this week. Today's song is by a Christian band called Tree 63, and is named from their self-titled CD released March 9, 2004, "The Answer to the Question".

I recently heard this song on Air 1 again, and it brought back the memories of when I began re-listening to "Alternative Christian" music after decade of not listening to it. This particular song was getting a lot of airplay, to the point where I was pretty sick of it. Then I felt bad (that Catholic Guilt) for turing the station when it did come on because the message was good, but the song was getting on my nerves.

As I was hearing "How could I sing about anything but Him?" I felt like it was saying to me, "How could you listen to anything but Him?"

Listen to the song here.

The Answer to the Question
by Tree63
Album - The Answer to the Question

Im growing tired of a mouth shut tight
When all I want to do is
Tell the whole world about the Man sitting
At the right hand of the One in heaven
How could I sing
About anything but Him?

He is the Answer to the Question
He is the Cure for the Infection
He is all He says He is
He is the Ultimate Reflection
Of holiness and true perfection
He is all He says he is

How can I not cry?
Watching as the world dies
Without a prayer
They run to their own gods, roughshod
Blind to the living God of earth and heaven
How could they sing Of everything but Him?


Written by John Ellis © 2004 mouthfulofsongs/Birdwing Music/ Near Bliss Music (ASCAP) All rights administered by EMI CMG Publishing

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