Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On Real Life Radio

I wanted to relay a story I just heard on Real Life Radio this afternoon as I was running an errand to Central Office.

It was a call-in program (I am unsure which one) and the listeners were revealing their conversion stories and experiences of coming into the Church this Easter.

One man called in and related that he was raised in the Assembly of God Church, had a seminary education and was very active in his church. Through a series of unfortunate events, he told God to go His was and he would go another. He said God knew where he was if He wanted him.

This man then lost his job in the computer industry and got another job as a truck driver. He said God broke his radio so that the only station he could listen to was Immaculate Heart radio. He further explained that though he could have just turned the radio off, since he was "finished with God". However, he continued to listen. He said it was refreshing to hear Catholic teaching coming from Catholics.

This led him to buy a Catechism of the Catholic Church and read it cover to cover, calling it "the best theological book" he has ever read.

There were other great stories lke this, but God working through the radio puts a whole new spin on JPII's encouragement of evangilization through the media!

Praise be to God!!


Jay Anderson said...

Now that's a great conversion story!

Anonymous said...

Please tackle the difficult question of why the local Catholic school (St Mark School)is being torn apart by internal strife and conflict. Having good Catholic teachers (with many years 15+ of uplifting and spiritual service) leave the school! Many people are hurt and dismayed by these actions.