Friday, April 28, 2006


I try and find quiet times times throughout the day to pray. As a school principal, and a father of three kiddos, you can imagine that finding that time can be difficult. It can be challenging for many of us. Now, thanks to pray-as-you-go (PAYG) is become a little easier.

This trial-site, which originally opened for business to offer daily downloadable audio files to aid in prayer during the Lenten season. The response was so great that they decided to extend the trial period through the Easter season as well.

This site offers:

  • Breathing exercises to prepare you to pray

  • Body exercises to help you prepare to pray

  • A Review of the Day audio file as a short reflection back over the day

  • Daily audio files with different music, daily Gospel, and reflections

  • Pauses in the audio files for self reflection and prayer

This site is offered through the Jesuit Media Initiative out of the UK.

So, get out your ipod, burn that RW CD, or fire up iTunes and listen to the podcast. This is a great opportunity for commuters and busy people to put prayer back into lives!

Don't forget to stop by and fill out the questionnaire. We don't want this one to go away!

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