Wednesday, May 3, 2006

KLC - Day One with pictures

Well, the conferences are over for the day and we have the rest of the evening free, so I'll take this time to describe the facilities.

I took some pictures, but the batteries died after five shots. I brought everything but the kitchen sink, but forgot to buy batteries. Oh well. I'll get some later tonight.

The Kentucky Leadership Center is....rustic. Simple. Non-luxurious. Away from civilization (Somerset is about 45 minutes away). We each have our own room which are equipped with two bunk-beds, a sink, a bathroom with shower, a clock radio and that's it. It is very quiet, and I hope to use some downtime to pray and unwind.

The main lodge has four conference rooms, a dining hall, a big screen TV (I hope there are other Lost fans here) and wireless access. The gounds are expansive, and I hope to walk tomorrow morning (if its not raining) and take some pictures of the cabins 4-Hers use in the summer and the lake.

Last year I hiked two miles to the lake, which wasn't bad considering it was all downhill. Unfortunately, the hike back was all uphill. This was pre-event and I was about 20 punds heavier. Hopefully the hike (if I get the guts to do it again) this time will go much easier.

While it is nice to have some time to unwind, it is frustrating tonight because today is Nicholas' 10th birthday, and I am not at home celebrating with the family. I had considered driving back home this evening to kiss him goodnight, but that would mean 4 more hours of driving this evening or two tonight and two tomorrow morning and the conference tomorrow starts at 7:30 am, so I called him instead. He understands, but still, its hard.

I hope to read and reflect this evening (after Lost) and write some more posts for uploading in the morning. Until then, good-night.

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