Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today's Letter: E

From Ron Rolling via Julie D at Happy Catholic.

The rules of this game:

  1. Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter.

  2. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.

  3. Pass out letters to those who want to play along.
  4. i>

Julie gave me "E". The first is obvious.

The Body and Blood of Christ - my sustenance
The most glorius day of the year.
The baby of our family.
The focus of my professional career.
The increased result of #8.
The expression I see on my kids face this last school day of the year.
What I strive for in everything I do (to no avail many times)
My life changing experience.
Vernal, that is, which marks the day of my birth.
That's all folks!

Letter anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Father Jim LIVE said...

i give you a letter..."C"

A. said...

I don't think Fr. Jim read the instructions correctly. Please give me a letter.

Darren Norton said...

A - you get the letter "A".

Father Jim LIVE can have the letter "T"

ndenvirochick said...

I would like a letter also.

Darren Norton said...

ndenvirochick -

your letter is "m"

A. said...

My letter is A
1. St. Augustine of Canterbury / “Apostle of the English”… today is his feast day
2. St. Anne my patron saint/ patron of mothers and grandmothers (I am both)
3. Acts of the Apostles / my favorite book(s) of the Bible
4. America / my birthplace, which offers freedoms unsurpassed anywhere else in the world, including freedom of religion
5. Aster / from the Greek meaning “beautiful crown”; the flower selected for the month of September, my birth month
6. Alec / meaning “helper of mankind”, my 2nd oldest grandchild
7. Alexandra / meaning “protector of mankind”, my 5th oldest grandchild
8. Avery / meaning “nobility”, my ninth and youngest grandchild
9. Answered prayers / which are many…thank you, God!
10. Adoration of Eucharist / one of two of my most favorite spiritual experiences…the other is receiving the Eucharist.

ND EnviroChick said...

I don't have my own blog, so... my letter was "M."

Mass - The embodiment of "Give us this day our daily bread." What a wondrous gift! Even as a child, I always loved attending Mass; it was the one place that I always felt safe, loved, and wanted.

Mother - As a single parent, she made many, many sacrifices for us. She is my role model and hero. Then of course there is our "other" mother...

Mary - The Mother of God. Ever deserving of our reverence, she is every woman's model of saintly living.

Marriage - In less than a month, my husband and I will celebrate 16 years of active participation in this Sacrament. What an amazing gift! What an amazing amount of hard work!

Memories - I recently received my invitation to my 20th high school reunion. UGH! But I have a lot of wonderful memories of relationships, experiences, and challenges that made me who I am now.

Margaret - my grandmother who went to her heavenly home nearly 10 years ago. She represents family, tradition, sacrifice... I only wish I'd paid more attention and treasured her more when she was with us.

Mystery - the essence of God... beyond our comprehension, yet He loves us and calls us to Him every day, every moment.

Magisterium - Truthfully, a challenge for me as a Catholic. I tried for a long time to live as a "cafeteria Catholic," saying I believed in the "important stuff" and the things about which I didn't agree... well, they didn't matter all that much. I was wrong... and I still struggle with some of the things that are a part of Catholic teaching, but I'm making progress and doing my best to be faithful.

Martha - The woman in the Biblical story who was so busy "doing her job" that she missed out on time to be with Jesus. That pretty well describes my life right now... and I am challenged to be a little less like Martha and a little more like her sister, Mary.

Michael W. Smith - one of my favorite Christian musicians. I have a special place in my heart for him, since at a time when I was near the brink of disaster, his music touched me as nothing else could. It eventually brought me back to full communion in the Catholic Church.