Thursday, June 29, 2006

Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Great Apostles

Today is a special day for me, as we celebrate the feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul. I can really relate to St. Peter, from whom I chose my confirmation name. He was so full of failure and had so many shortcomings, yet it was he whom Jesus built his Church. Peter had a natural leadership quality. He wasn't the most educated of the apostles, yet he was the one (other than Jesus) the other apostles listened to.

I just finished reading Twelve Ordinary Men and John MacArthur shed some insight as to why Peter was sometimes called Simon by Jesus. It was kind of like when your mother called you by your first and middle name when you were in trouble. Whn Peter wasn't living up to Jesus's expectations, he was refered to as Simon. I thought that was very interesting.

St. Augustine writes:

Both apostles share the same feast day, for these two were one; and even though they suffered on different days, they were as one. Peter went first, and Paul followed. And so we celebrate this day made holy for us by the apostles' blood. Let us embrace what they believed, their life, their labors, their sufferings, their preaching, and their confession of faith.
Almighty God, whose blessed apostles Peter and Paul glorified you by their martyrdom: Grant that your Church, instructed by their teaching and example, and knit together in unity by your Spirit, may ever stand firm upon the one foundation, which is Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

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A. said...

Another "backstory" seems St. Peter and St. Paul often were at odds with each other. Yet they both were effective in spreading the Word. Thank God for both.

Happy Feast Day!