Monday, June 26, 2006

Music That Matters - Do It Again

Today kicks off one of five songs dealing with friendship, courtesy of my anonymous reader, who from now own I will refer to as "Music Chick". She says of today's selection, "Do It Again" by Point of Grace's on their CD, I Choose You:

“Do It Again” by Point of Grace is, for me, a song about how God uses the friends in my life to speak to me (lyrics are below). I think one of our biggest challenges as Catholic Christians is learning to read the signs that God sends us in everyday life instead of expecting burning bushes or dark, thunderous clouds. I am blessed to have people in my life who cheer me when I’m sad, who challenge me to be a better person, who listen when I need to talk, and who envelop me in a hug when I feel vulnerable and scared. Too many times, I fight to be independent and work through things on my own rather than relying on their friendship... and that self-reliance is true for my relationship with God too; I do not like to feel helpless, but it is only in acknowledging our dependence on God that deep relationship can flourish.

Do It Again (click to listen)
Point of Grace
Album - I Choose You

Just when I think it couldn’t be
Any harder down here
Another blow comes out of nowhere
And knocks me out again
And when I think I’m all alone
The phone starts to ring
It’s just the voice I needed to hear
On the other end

You do it again, You do it again
You speak to me just like a friend
You always seem to show up right on time
You do it again, I guess you know when
My heart needs to hear your voice
I’m so forgetful, that’s why I’m thankful
You do it again

I could be driving in my car
I turn the radio on
Trying to figure out my thoughts
Then I hear the perfect song
I can open up Your word
And not be sure where to turn
But I start to read and it’s like you know
Just what I need


You use all these things to speak to me
Could it be you’re using me
In someone else’s life
Well I wouldn’t be surprised


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