Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Music That Matters - Promise My Prayers

In tying with the theme of friendship, today's song "Promise My Prayers" by Rachel Lapa from the Girls of Grace CD offers a similar message as yesterday's song. Re-emphasizing what Music Chick hit upon earlier:

The greatest gift that we can give each other as brothers and sisters in Christ is to love each other enough to pray for each other... because while we may not know what our friends need, or know how to tell our friends what we need from them, God knows what we need... and will provide it if we ask, whether ask for ourselves or on behalf of someone else.

Do It Again (click to listen)
Rachel Lampa
Album - Girls of Grace

I'll cover, I'll cover you, I'll cover

Hey now you know it's true
After all that we've been through
You can count on me
When it comes down to the end
I will always be your friend
No matter where you go
I want you to know now

I promise my prayers
I promise my heart
I'll be thinking of you
Wherever you are
When the daylight is done
When the night is so dark
When I cannot be there
I promise my prayers
Down each road we take
We're joined together when we pray
No matter where life leads
I will lift you up
You'll be covered by His love
The angels will find you
I'm here to remind you now


I'll cover, I'll cover you, I'll cover

Beyond our understanding
His hand is moving and we
stand amazed
I pray His love will guide you
I know He's there beside you always


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