Monday, November 19, 2007

Continued Recovery

Thank you for all the prayers for Bob and his family. We went to visit him at the nursing home this evening and he seemed much more alert and cognizant than yesterday.

We went to the dining hall for dinner and he ate OK, but about 30 minutes into it, the entertainment arrived. Several people (obviously from an evangelical church) had a guitar, mandolin, banjo and several vocalists. The sang hymns and took requests. Most all was Bluegrass.

Bob cried throughout alot of the songs, which was good for him. Some reminded him of years passed with his parents, and some were just very emotional to hear. All songs were centered on Christ and His suffering and love. I don't really care for Bluegrass hymns, but all in all it was good this evening.

Things are looking up.

Thanks for the prayers.

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