Saturday, April 26, 2008

BINGO and Steak-n-Shake

What a night a BINGO last night! With only 48 people there, the big pots went down, but the odds went up. Gail didn't join us, but we sat with Larry and Rebecca. Larry won $100 on the first game, "Six Pack". I won $100 on the second game, "T", and split $250 three ways on the "UK" game for $85. I also won $25 on a Pretty Pearl pull-tab. So, we walked in with $60; $15 to the sitter, $20 for the regular game cards (we didn't make it on time for the early birds) which left us with $25 to spend. I bought $4 in food, leaving $21 which I spent on pull-tabs. Kathy kept all but $30 of the winnings, which I also spent on pull-tabs. Kathy spent an additional $20 from the winnings on "Hitter" pull-tabs in a big mix up from which we hoped we were going to benefit. We didn't, but Larry did, winning an additional $75.

So, after all that the bottom line is we walked out with $160 - netting $100. Not bad, and alot of fun!
We all went to Steak-n-Shake (13 of us counting the kids) for munchies and shakes. It took over an hour to get our shakes and by then the food was either eaten, or cold. The poor waitress didn't know which shakes were which and forgot who ordered what. I finally went to the manager and complained after an hour. We got our shakes for free and only paid for our munchies! Nicholas had a second dinner!

We all got to bed too late and too full.

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