Friday, April 11, 2008


Kathy and I have been going to St. Mark's BINGO for last three months. We try and go twice a week (the second and fourth Fridays so the proceeds go to the school and not the KoC), but often only get to go once a month.

It's really a good deal. For $15 all three kids are babysat by one of the school's teachers in the library. Early Bird (five games with six cards per game) is $5 and the main BINGO is $10 for six cards for each of 10 games.

We have been very "blessed" (not lucky, because there is no luck) when we have played. Tonight we won $130 on the Shamrock BINGO pull tabs and two plates of cupcakes as door prizes. Last time we went we won two figurines as door prizes. The time before that, we won $130 on Shamrock and $125 on the "UK" game.

It's really alot of fun and we encourage my mother-in-law, Gail to come. And she does. After a long week with Bob, it's good just to get away and have a little fun with friends and family.

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