Monday, January 16, 2006

Coming up...

My faithful and dedicated readers:

I wanted to ensure you that I have not fallen off the face of my Frappr (that's fun to say aloud), or map. I am swamped at work and have some major deadlines I am working towards. In the meantime, I have some reflections mulling about in my mind.

This is what I have planned:

  • A series of five reflections related to the sanctity of life (an idea I received from Fr. Jim's homily this past weekend)

    1. Protection of the unborn and their mothers

    2. Care for the terminally ill

    3. Scientific research which respects basic human values

    4. Defense of those most vulnerable (mentally ill, handicapped, and Down's Syndrome)

    5. Defense of those most vulnerable II (death row)

  • Reflections on nature and the presence of God

  • Reflections on spending quality time with family and friends

  • Reflections on the daily readings

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