Friday, January 20, 2006

Liturgical Fact of the Day: The Nicene Creed

Found out something interesting yesterday. Since I have been attending daily Mass more regularly, I have noticed that the Nicene Creed hasn't been said. So I asked the Liturgical Director at my church why that is. His response:

The Nicene Creed is only said on Sundays and solemnities like Holy Days of Obligation (i.e. Assumption, Immaculate Conception, etc.). It is not said for daily Mass or children's Masses unless that falls on a solemnity. We only profess what we believe on special occasions and Sunday being the special day of the week.


ND EnviroChick said...

To connect to your blog on music, Third Day has a song from their Offerings II album called Creed, which is based on the Nicene Creed. I happened to hear it for the first time this morning on my way to work - I don't normally listen to Christian stations, but I disliked the song on my regular station, and hit the scan button, and that is what came up.

Coincidence... or providence?

Darren Norton said...

Don't believe in coincidence. Must be providence.

I've heard that song before. I like it.

Moneybags said...

I noticed that the Nicene Creed isn't professed either during weekday Masses. The Gloria also isn't included.

The only think I'd like to see changed during the week is for my parish to have someone play the organ instead. I love the beautiful music during Mass.