Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cabrini Cafe

Kathy and I treated ourselves to a night out last night. The Third Annual Cabrini Cafe was held in the St. Mark gym.

In the past, Kathy and I have worked in the kitchen, rather than participate as a guest at the fundraising event. This year, however, with my latest "episode" and Kathy hurting her back a few weeks ago, we decided to go, eat and bid on the silent time/talent auctions like so many of or friends. We had a great time.

Cabrini Cafe is one of the annual fundraising events held by Parents For A Catholic Education, Inc., a group we are involved with trying to raise money and support for a Catholic High School in Madison County. For more information, go here.

Parents For A Catholic Education, Inc. has also opened a local "resale store" called Cabrini Closet, and offers items donated to the store on Ebay.

If you know of any rich uncles, lottery winners, or philanthropists leaning toward Catholic education, point then in this direction. If not, that's OK - keep us in your prayers.


Moneybags said...

I hope you had a good time there. It sounds like it would have been enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

How come the Priest and school does not support Cabrini High School?

Darren Norton said...

I think that until the Cabrini High School initiative is actually approved by the Bishop and has some financial backing from the Diocese, the priest and St. Mark School cannot "officially" support it.

That is my uninformed thought. I would, however, like to support it as much as I can through this blog! Please let me know what I can do.