Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Music That Matters: Creed

It has been awhile since I have had a Music That Matters post, so I give you two recordings of the same song by two different artists. Rich Mullins, I understand, actually wrote the song based on the Nicene Creed. His version is much more "mellow" and contemporary that Third Day's "updated" version. Both versions resonate with the truths and beliefs I hold dear. My anonymous reader who sent me today's Music That Matters, has this personal reflection to share:

But at the very core of my being is a truth that cannot be denied, a belief system that is innate within me, and to which I can cling even in the midst of the greatest tempests. And that belief system is described succinctly in this song. No matter what seems to happen in my career, my personal life or my spiritual life, I really DO believe in a Trinitarian God, that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, that I am loved, that this love is not based on my merit but on the generosity of God, but that the love, while freely given, comes with responsibilities and accountability... and that my belief in the Catholic faith equally comes with responsibilities and accountability. I know that I will, because of my human nature, fall short and fail often, but that shouldnt stop me from striving and trying to be a better person, to have a closer relationship with God, and to be Christ-like in all that I do.

Creed (click to listen)
by Rich Mullins
Album - Songs

Creed (click to listen)
by Third Day
Album - Offerings II: All That I Have to Give

I believe in God the Father almighty
Maker of Heaven and Maker of Earth
And in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, our Lord
He was conceived by the Holy Spirit
Born of the virgin Mary
Suffered under Pontius Pilate
He was crucified and dead and buried

And I believe what I believe
Is what makes me what I am
I did not make it, no it is making me
It is the very truth of God and not
The invention of any man

I believe that He who suffered
Was crucified, buried, and dead
He descended into hell and
On the third day, rose again
He ascended into Heaven where
He sits at God's mighty right hand
I believe that He's returning to
Judge the quick and the dead
Of the sons of men


I believe it, I believe it
I believe it
I believe it, I believe it

I believe in God the Father almighty
Maker of Heaven and Maker of Earth
And in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son,
Our Lord
I believe in the Holy Spirit
One Holy Church, the communion of Saints
The forgiveness of sin
I believe in the resurrection
I believe in a life that never ends


I believe it, I believe
I believe it, I believe
I believe it, I believe it


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Barb, sfo said...

Rudy is a spammer....

I LOVE the Rich Mullins song. Hadn't heard the other version before. Thanks for sharing it.
The world really lost a great talent when Mullins died in that car accident.